Thursday, February 7, 2008

Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond

It is in the year 2040, when Bruce Wayne (Batman) had already retired as the dark knight due to his age. One night, after Terry McGinnis(A 17 years old student) helped a passenger and saves her girlfriend from the members of a gang called "The Jokerz" was chased by the same group and had bumped to Bruce Wayne. After defeating the group of bad guys, Wayne had a heart attack. Terry help him go inside the Wayne Manor. Unexpectedly, He had discovered the secrets beyond the house of Bruce Wayne. He was then trained by Bruce Wayne to become the new version of Batman that will help Neo-Gotham in fighting crime and corruption in the city.


fiona said...

I loved this! It was very well done, but the characters you chose for the parts were next to perfect! The Joker is a given, not many could play the robot devil, but the Dee's and Ghoul for Leila and Fry.... astounding. Simply marvelous!

world tv

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Batman movies are always interesting to me and i can also go with such kind of shows so that have to enjoy them with a good interest , moreover i have collected some good comics for the same.

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